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Join us for Puppy Social Walks!

In order to ensure that your puppy gets the appropriate socialisation during these vital early months, we offer free puppy walks to all clients and their puppies throughout the period of the course.....

'Puppy walks and socialisation' sessions

Puppy School Puppy SocialisationPuppies need to have lots of positive experiences with all the associations of the outside world, and it is important for your puppy to feel safe, confident and happy when out and about. In this consultation, we take you and your puppy through all of the experiences in a positive way so we will habituate to traffic, cyclists, joggers, unfamiliar noises, greeting other puppies/dogs and people etc. We will also make a start on getting your puppy to walk nicely on the lead learning not to pull.

If you haven’t already taken your puppy off the lead on a walk, we can help you to gain the confidence to do this. Please contact Alice for more information.

'Puppies in the household' consultations

This consultation is a 1-2-1 session for families with younger children. We'll be looking at how to make sure your children and their new puppy live happily together.

We look at things like;

  • How to reduce the risk of play biting
  • Teaching children how to play safely with their new puppy.
  • Helping children to understand their puppies body language

Please contact Alice for more information